Lia first appeared on this channel, on July 2nd, 2012, in the sketch “Slumber Party Blast”, alongside Coco Jones and Macbarbie07. Lia later in July starred in her own series for AwesomenessTV, called Terry The Tomboy. In these sketches, Lia plays Terry The Tomboy, aka lovesdirt96, a tomboy/hillbilly/”Hey y'all” type of girl.

Terry The Tomboy-0

On the 30th May 2014 Lia announced that Terry The Tomboy the movie is coming!

Terry The Tomboy EpisodesEdit

Episode No. Episode Original Airing Featuring Bonus Video
1 Summer Style Guide July 25, 2012 BTS 1
2 Guide To Dating August 15, 2012 Shayne Topp
3 What's In My Bag? August 22, 2012
4 Back To School Guide September 5, 2012 Noland Ammon, Audrey Whitby BTS 2
5 Room Tour September 12, 2012
6 Guide To Cooking October 3, 2012
7 Ask Terry October 10, 2012 Noland Ammon, Hunter March Lia's exclusive interview
8 Tomboy Showdown October 22, 2012 Jennxpenn Hair timelapse


9 #Tomboyproblems November 12, 2012 Jennxpenn
10 Guide to Turkey Day November 19, 2012
11 Holiday Guide To Gift Giving December 5, 2012 Noland Ammon
12 How To Decorate a Christmas Tree December 17, 2012
13 How To Throw The Perfect New Years Eve Party December 31, 2012 Noland Ammon
14 Best of 2012 Tag with Terry The Tomboy January 19, 2013 Audrey Whitby, Noland Ammon
15 Guide to Valentine's Day February 6, 2013
16 Siblings Tag February 18, 2013 Lia and Terry Harlem Shake
17 Tomboy Haul March 2, 2013 Invisible Rope Prank

Finding CodyEdit

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